Lakers: Lofty goals remain despite end of streak

LOS ANGELES — A lackluster 114-100 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday did not cause the Los Angeles Lakers to adjust their expectations for themselves. If anything, the result — stemming from a disastrous 55-38 second half that snapped L.A.’s 10-game winning streak just as its schedule starts to get tougher — only left the Lakers strengthening their resolve.

“Our whole thing is we don’t want to lose two in a row,” said Anthony Davis, who, like LeBron James, played under the weather against the Mavs. “Ever.”

If his statement ends up provoking Outkast-esque “forever ever?” indignation, it would be understandable. Even the storied 1995-96 Chicago Bulls lost two in a row in February en route to what was then an all-time-best 72-10 record.

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