NBA player rankings: Steph Curry right back to his MVP form

Every week, we’ll rank the top 10 players from the previous week using game score as our starting point.

Created by former stats guru and current Grizzlies VP of basketball operations John Hollinger, game score measures a player’s productivity for a single outing based on the weighting of various box score statistics (for a more complete explanation, check out Week 1).

Due to the unbalanced schedule last week, with several teams playing just two games, there were more instances than usual of players with lower average game scores getting bumped up a few spots due to playing more games. Apologies to James Harden (who finished with the highest average), Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Lou Williams and Damian Lillard, who still cracked our top 10, albeit a few spots below where they would have been with another game or two.

Now, on to the rankings.

Note: These rankings are for games played from Monday, Jan. 1, through Sunday.

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