What Tiger Woods said after Phil Mickelson lost $200,000 bet – Mickelson won’t be happy

The two golf stars are currently involved in ‘The Match’ which pits them head-to-head over 18 holes.

The overall winner will win a staggering £7m ($9m) in Las Vegas.


Mickelson had bet $200,000 he would birdie the first hole but after failing Woods couldn’t help but make his feelings clear.

“That hurts the pocket!” he exclaimed.

Mickelson made the bet with Woods in a press conference prior to ‘The Match’.

“So I’ve thought a lot about this, and there are spots out on the course that are some great spots for a little challenge,” Mickelson said.

“The challenges are coming directly out of our pockets, OK? I feel like first hole is a great hole for me. In fact, I’m willing to risk $100,000 to say I birdie the first hole. That’s how good I feel heading into this match. You don’t have to take it. You don’t have to take it at all.”

And afterwards the two were involved in a lengthy the exchange.

Woods: “So you think you can make birdie on the first hole?”

Mickelson: “I know I’m going to make birdie on the first hole.”

Woods: “Double it.”

Mickelson: “Did you see how I baited him like that? Yes! Yes! 200 says I birdie the first hole.”

Woods: “All right. There is water down the left. He likes to lose his golf balls to the left. It’s that little flare-out that he hits.”

Mickelson: “See, here is what you’re missing.”

Woods: “These are things he hasn’t really thought about.”

Mickelson: “I’m going to hit a 2-iron in the fairway, and I’m a great short iron player. In fact, one of the best.”

Woods: “If I hit his 2-iron hot, which he sometimes does, it [goes] right and hot and he’ll be up against that tree and he’s blocked out, so he can’t spin the ball coming into that flag. Yeah.”

Mickelson: “And that’s how I was able to bait you. Yeah, first hole. $200,000 I birdie.”

Woods: “Done.”

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