Fickle on Firmino and Pogba PR punctured again…

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Fickle on Firmino
Remember over the last couple of seasons how Liverpool fans defended Firmino’s relatively poor goalscoring record (particularly at home in the Premier League last year), by stressing his importance to the structure of the side?

Well, shiny new toy Jota has already scored as many Champions League goals as Bobby managed in the successful 2018/19 campaign, and has matched his home league goals from last year too. And now one poster this morning sees him returning to Bundesliga, and a good few in other spheres I follow are glad to see him dropped.

It really is a fickle game.
Brian, Wexford


And what of Karius?
So one of Mike, LFC, London’s eight conclusions is that:

‘The fact that these young players can come into the team is a testament to Klopp. The atmosphere he creates is so positive for every one of his players. He never complains about injuries and never criticises the squad players a la Mourinho. Every single player is made to feel valued…’

Does he want to let Karius know this, or shall we leave that to all the fans who stood behind their keeper?


Not to be pedantic but let’s be pedantic
Great email by Mike but can I point out that if Liverpool win 1 of their last 3 games it doesn’t guarantee they top the group. It guarantees qualification for the last 16.

Liverpool play Atlanta next and if they win they go to 12 and can’t be caught by Atlanta.

Ajax are currently on 4 points so if they win their next game they go to 7 points.

With 2 rounds then left Ajax are 5 behind Liverpool but can mathematically still catch them and top the group.

Liverpool then play Ajax at home and if Ajax win that they could still top the group by winning their last game and Liverpool losing.

Not to be pedantic but the last thing we need today is another victory being called prematurely.
Ferg, Cork


Solskjaer is Rooney
All of this divisive opinion on whether or not Solskjær is good manager is quite tiresome.

I’ll simply say that he is basically the Wayne Rooney of management. He goes through incredible spurts of results followed by an awful run of form.

I’ll leave that up to you to decide whether that makes him good or not.
Bradley Kirrage


On Pogba
I bet Alex Ferguson has a secret smug smile on his face every time he watches the idiot he sold to Juve…


Who is taken in by Pogba?
I am not sure, as Marc the Mancunian states, that the whole world has been taken in by Pogba. Clearly one or two red tinted pundits are certainly touting him as a start – which may be as much wishful thinking than reality.

He was touted as the next big thing going into the 2014 World Cup. And already there were concerns that the manager didn’t know how to get the best out of him. Going into the 2016 European Championships, all the talk was about Pogba being the difference. Again, they couldn’t seem to find a position where they could get the most out of him. He was hot and cold all tournament, stinking out the final.

So the idea that Pogba is great for France but not so great for United is only partially true. And Marc is right to point out that the French team is filled with great players, so that Pogba doesn’t have to excel for France to excel.

At 27 Pogba is past the future star status and at the point he should be a key contributor if not carrying a top team. It’s more interesting to read the comments of French players, ex-players and pundits who don’t regard Pogba that highly. Perhaps because they are not watching him through red-tinted glasses or a testament to the great PR work being done by his management team.
Paul McDevitt


Man United might need some alpha male
I slightly disagree with Dan, not to go all Roy Keane here but players also need to take responsibility on the pitch. Had United identified a few players we needed to bring in to add character to this team, the onus wouldn’t be on Ole to make every player better. The modern manager manages a lot more than he coaches.

Fernandes came in and basically owned his patch of grass. He tells players around him how to play on the pitch. Had we retained Herrera and signed Partey, that could have been the perfect midfield three.

To lose 1-0 against Arsenal and for the captain to claim that the team got complacent after beating Liepzig shows a real lack of character.

You’re 15th in the table Harry, what’s there to be complacent about? Not being in a relegation spot?

Lampard saw his defence lacked experience and got Thiago Silva. We are stuck in a situation where Lindelof looks better without our 80 million fridge by his side.

A leader in defence would make everyone around him play better. We need one even more because De Gea doesn’t organise the defence either. He may be the best shot stopper we’ve ever had but we won more with Van Der Saar in goal because VDS was precise with his positioning and where he wanted every defender to be.

It sounds old school but we need more of such characters. Chelsea won a Champions League with Roberto Di Mattel because the team basically managed itself.

Even Pogba played better when Ibrahimovic was at the club. We are lacking that alpha energy in the dressing room. Hope Cavani brings some of that.
Shehzad Ghias, Mufc, Karachi


Prick of the week: An appraisal
So I stopped reading F365 around a month ago. I returned today to see you now have a regular feature called ‘PRICK of the week‘. At the risk of being called a ‘snowflake’, this absolutely disgusting from a respected an influential football site. F365 would be the first to call this out if it was another media outlet with such headlines. Would it be possible to be more considerate and kind?
Stephen (YNWA…)


There are no Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City representatives in our rundown of the top ten players of the season. Nor Manchester United, of course, but Jay Rodriguez gets in?!

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